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Rising prescription drug costs have created health barriers for many consumers. Rx Valet is committed to ensuring that no one goes without the medications they need because of high cost prescriptions.

The Rx Valet Pharmacy Solution

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Rx Valet Mission

The mission of Rx Valet is to offer prescription medications and diabetic testing supplies at an affordable price. Rx Valet provides helpful tools consumers can use to stay healthy while offering best- in-class services!

No membership required, no discount cards needed.

Search for your medication and choose how you want to save. Pick up your meds at any pharmacy or have your medications delivered to your home at no additional charge.


After receiving a prescription or refilling an old one, simply search for your medication within the app or on the website.


Provide your credit card information for easy payment. All purchases are refundable if medication is not picked up or delivered.


Present your active Rx Valet Card to over 60,000 pharmacies. You will owe nothing at the pharmacy. No co pay and no deductible.


Provide additional information for home delivery. Our pharmacy will contact your current pharmacy or physician to fulfill your order.

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