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Selecting the proper benefits is key to making your life easier and protecting against everyday emergencies. Whether it’s your family’s lifestyle, educational aspirations, or just a secure future retirement, Select A Benefit has the benefit options that make sense for your lifestyle.

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Benefits that Support Your Lifestyle

You work hard for your benefits, make sure that your benefits are working hard for you! We have brought together the top benefits from leading providers to help you protect what matters to you.

RX Valet

Save up to 60% off medications at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. Home delivery is also available.


Compare several available Dental & Vision insurance plans at affordable rates.

Life Insurance

Get an instant Term Life quote today! No medical exams for $30,000 – 100,000 of coverage.

Travel & Entertainment

Members get access to substantially discounted deals on Hotels, Resorts & Shopping for Theme Parks, Concerts, & Movies, Dining, much more!

US Health

Medical Services health savings tool designed to assist with Medical Care, Price Transparency, Behavioral Health, Wellness, and more!

Caregiving Support

You can receive a NO-COST 30 minute Certified Caregiving Consultation & a Call Companion mobile app to provide support for YOU and YOUR loved ones!


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