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Getaway and Relax

With Travel & Entertainment Benefits

Save hundreds and thousands of dollars on discounted deals all over the world.

Provides access to discounted all-inclusive resorts –

Hotels – Condos – Vacation Homes

Cruises – Air Fares – Theme Parks – All Major Sports Event Tickets – Concert Tickets

Broadway Plays – Movie Tickets – Rental Cars – Ski Resorts – Gift Cards

...and much more!

Travel & Entertainment Benefits

The Ultimate Fun Program has over 6,500 Resort locations around the world to choose from at the best prices in the industry. There are thousands of hotels at wholesale prices. We have prices to fit any budget from white sandy beach resorts to Ski areas in the Rockies or theme parks nationwide. If it is for a romantic getaway or a great family vacation we have it all. Discounted prices give you more money to keep in your pocket, or to stay longer or travel more.

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